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Foreign Trade
Overview of Foreign Trade Rout

Introduction to Foreign Trade
Route Timetable
Busan Route
  • Jingtang - Weifang - Busan - Jingtang
  • Thursday/Saturday
Japan Route
  • Jingtang - Weifang - Busan - Moji - Hakata - Jingtang
  • Jingtang - Weifang - Tokyo - Yokohama - Nagoya - Jingtang
  • Jingtang - Weifang - Osaka - Kobe - Jingtang
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Thursday
Advantages of Foreign Trade Ro

Large Capacity, Tight Schedule and Fast Speed

Hede has now invested nine ships with a total capacity of 72,000 tons and 3200 TEUs on the routes between Busan and Japan, and has basically realized six foreign trade ships every Saturday in Jingtang Port and Weifang Port. The speed of Japan routes are 17 knots and 12 knots for Busan route. Speed is faster and route adjustment ability is strong. Even if the ship is affected by force majeure, it can ensure the punctuality of the ship to the maximum extent.

Sufficient Container Sources

At present, Hede Logistics has 30,000 containers and more than 1,000 refrigerated containers, which can ensure the container source for foreign trade routes. In addition, the containers used for foreign trade routes are mainly new containers, which are in good condition and can fully meet the demand for foreign trade goods.